5 Tools For Growing Your Personal Brand During COVID-19

Start A Newsletter. Now Is The Time. 
COVID-19 may be affecting ad sales, but subscription newsletters are a whole different story. Many laid-off journalists took to Substack and its competitors during the beginning of the pandemic. Substack reported doubling its user base during the pandemic. In the grand scheme of things, does this affect the media? Yes. Newsletters allow for either reaching a more targeted audience or amplification.

Switch Focus To Different Social Media. 
Remote work made everyone go online. If you feel like your social media channels do not bring enough value, switch to a new platform. Some of us are tired of entertainment and tons of visual content on Instagram. Naturally, the engagement drops. Maybe this is time to switch to a different media like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Create Community.
Increase your interaction with potential partners. Do not be afraid to connect to people you would like to work with. Meetings in person may not come back for another year. Video calls are at their peak. After long days of isolation and life in a bubble, people are more open to connect and learn. Bring together people who love your brand and want to create something meaningful in the same sphere, or they share same beliefs. 

Build Two-Way Communication. 
Start a conversation with people who have been following you on social media for years. They want your attention. Social media is more than just a channel or a tool to promote yourself. It is a great platform for networking. 

Start Online Events. 
Go live on IG, create a speaking opportunity on an event platform, or launch your podcast. Bring your audience from all your media channels and meet them live. Make these events regularly. This way, you will not only build new connections but also increase your social media engagement. We all know that we ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ more from those we know personally.